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Sustainable Tourism

Is tourism attempting to make a low impact on the environment and local culture, while helping to generate future employment for local people. The aim of sustainable tourism is to ensure that development brings a positive experience for local people, tourism companies and the tourists themselves.

Our commitment and dedication to responsible tourism

Two years ago Turrialtico Lodge started the project of responsible tourism and the good practices program that encourages the preservation of local cultures and rational use of natural resources trying to have the least impact on the environment. The activities and tours that the hotel organize, are design so that both the hotel personal and the visitors are conscious of the importance of protect and conserve the nature

We are conscious of the damage that has been going on for years to the terrains around the hotels location, and this was because when the hotel was constructed coffee and sugar cane plantations covered them, so we as a responsible organization have been trying to regenerate the forest that was once before these plantations. On these days you’re going to be able to find different species of flora such as cercropia trees, poró, laurel, balsa, javillo, among some other one that part of the unique type of vegetation form this area, as for the fauna present in the hotel surroundings you can observe big variety of birds (Hawks, toucans, tinamous, orioles, tanagers, etc.), sloths, armadillos, raccoons, anteaters, coyotes, beside other species that are present in the area and have been observed in the way to the waterfall as well.

Within the good practices that we have adopt in the hotel are use of biodegradable products to reduce contamination, recycling of plastic, paper, aluminum and organic materials as well. Energy savings and rational use of water, all of this with the support of the guests of the hotel.
We respect and support the development processes of the communities participating in cultural, sport and recreational activities; we promote the students of the Pavones primary school to perform folkloric and typical dances so when we have big groups of tourist we encourage them to help them economically, and with the money that they et the kids and parents make small repairs to the school and buy book for the education of this kids.

Our personal regularly trains itself to offer the best service to the visitors within this natural environment, encouraging them to participate directly in the protection of the environment, we think that it should take an important part on everybody’s life and only together we re going to be able to reach this important goal.
We want to provide an excellent service to our costumers where they would feel in a home-like environment surround it by a beautiful landscape and working hand by hand with the good sustainability practices.


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